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Acharya Vijay Ratnasundersuri Maharaj Saheb

Sarasvati Nandan , Vishwahitchintak Param Poojya Acharya Vijay Ratnasundersuriswarji is a renowned Jain saint.
Acharya Vijay Ratnasundersuri M.S.

*He was born on 5th January, 1948 at Depla (Near Palitana, Gujarat). In spite of being a religious saint, he wrote many visionary books for the socio cultural upliftment of the individual as well as society at large. Till today he has written more then 350 books in his mother tongue gujarati while travelling the length and bredth of India on foot covering lakhs of kilometers. Many of his books have been translated into various languages such as English, Hindi,Marathi,Urdu,French etc. and more then 60 Lac copies of his books are spread throughout the nation.Gurudev has also been presented with the most coveted "GOLDEN BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS AWARD"for most number of books authored by a person. Gurudevshris 300th Book release was celebrated as YATRA 300 - SAHITYA SATKAR SAMAROH in Mumbai a 10 day event spanning ( 1st Jan 2016 - 10th Jan 2016 ) and on 10th Jan 2016 Honourable Prime Minister Of INDIA Shri Narendrabhai Modiji Released the 300th Book MARU BHARAT SARU BHARAT ( Guj) & MERA BHARAT MAHAN BHARAT (in Hindi) online. He was conferred with Padma Bhushan Award on 13th April 2017 which was given on behalf of President Shri Pranab Mukherjee by the Chief Minister of Gujarat Shri Vijaybhai Rupani ji. He gives lectures on morality and spirituality based personality development. Through his writings and speeches he has achieved success in bringing about positive and constructive changes in millions of people and that is why these millions of Indians follow his ideas. Being a Jain saint, author follows very hard rules and regulations. He walks bare foot and has not taken bath since 1967, when he adopted Saintship which is called "DIKSHA" He does not eat and drink after sunset till sunrise.

Thus, he is not only an author or a lecturer but a motivator as well and teaches us that Discipline and Dedication can make you more Empowered.


Part 1

Do you wish to understand the meaning of Life..


Part 2

Do we want to understand the true meaning of our ancient scriptures and its corelation in our present day life.


Part 3

Importance of Humanity in our day to day life which has gone missing...




Due to the Invisible force working in our favour , we are able to get success in life and enjoy all the good things in life.
You have the opportunity to become that Invisible force , start today and Enjoy the HAPPINESS IN SHARING

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About Ratnatrayee Trust

Ratnatrayee Trust is publishing books written by Acharya Vijay Ratnasundersuri swarji maharaj Saheb since 1985 and we have the honour to have published more then 450 books which includes books written as below

Distribution Details

Language Books Read
Gujarati 305 60 Lac
Hindi 118 5.5 Lac
Marathi 20 1.0 Lac
English 30 2.0 Lac
Urdu 3 12000
Sindhi 2 10000
Tamil 1 2000
Kannad 1 3000
Bengali 2 7000
French 1 2000
TOTAL 480 80 Lac Plus and counting
Ratnatrayee Trust has been instrumental in making sure that maximum people can benefit from the words written by Acharya shri Ratnasundersuriswarji Maharaj Saheb.

Questions & Answers

Are many questions comming to your mind related to religion.
Are you finding it difficult to manage the stress
Do you loose patience very easily Are you getting tempted towards wrong things in life. Are you falling prey to unwanted Habits in life Any many such question that are making you unhappy

You are not the only one who is looking for a remedy to all those queries You have reached the right place to get the right Answers to all your Questions on life. Just post your Question here and you can Expect Reply from Gurudev at his Earliest possible convenience. Be the fortunate one to Get the Answer and learn the "ART OF HAPPINESS"


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Hindi Print Media

Acharya Shrimad Vijay Ratnasundersuriswarji Maharaj Saheb's contribution towards National Causes which touches the lives of all sections of the society and the Hindi Print Media has left no stone unturned to make sure that all their readers get to know about this Jain Saint who through his 296 plus Books , Pravachans & Petitions have brought about a change in the lives of many in India and overseas.

Prashna hai Chalo Gurudev se Puche...

Gujarati Print Media

Gurudevshri's birth & diksha took place in Gujarat and thereafter Gurudev dedicated all his life strictly on guidelines laid down for a jain saint and along with that Gurudev also has the Vision and a sharp eye on the Youth of today and Future of India and ways to provide them the "ART of HAPPINESS" which was getting over day by day from their lives. Gurudevshri's these efforts through his Pravachans throught his journey as a part of jain saint is very aplty covered by all sections of the Gujarati Print Media. Time and again the Gujarati Print media has made sure that all the missions taken up by Gurudevshri find the right space in their media and people understand what a jain saint is capable of doing while striclty following the principles of Lord MAHAVIRA.

Prashna Che Chalo Gurudev ne Puchiye...

English Print Media

All the leading English Print media have given proper coverage to Gurudevshris mission and made possible through their articles for their readers to understand the lessons on "ART of HAPPINESS" which Gurudevshri has been giving through Pravachans and Books and this has benefited many across india and overseas.

Have Questions,Lets Ask Gurudev On...

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Gurudevshri has been writing books since past many years and till date have completed writing more then 346 books in gujarati which have been translated in various languages like, Hindi, Marathi, Sindhi, Urdu, kannada and braille to name a few and the journey continous.
Gurudevshris Pravachans and books have brought a sea change in the lives of many who have read the books wtitten by him and followed his pravachans, so much so that couples who were on the verge of seperation have started living a happy life together and many such family related issues have been resolved and people have learnt the "ART of Happiness" only through Gurudevshris books and Pravachans.



How we define PARIVARTAN ?

The mentioned statistics are arrived at after receiving letters from people who have attended Pravachans, read gurudevshris books and questions asked and Positive change (PARIVARTAN) they have seen in their lives.

More Details Contact Panditji : 09833801404 / 09223349533

Event Details


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